Today morning I came across this article Coca Cola about how Coke produces the Orange juice and how it expands its business using a mathematical algorithm for taste optimization. It’s no surprise Coke being a pioneer player in soft drink industries but the fact I am writing about it here is to highlight two things.
  1. I happen to visit Coke factor in Atlanta in my US Visit. Coca Cola Tour
  2. I understand how mathematical models help any business to grow and perform with their current strength. Many people will find it difficult to understand, so I take pride in saying I understand it better. Thanks to the work I do. (ANALYTICS) :)
I should say Coke has done a brilliant job in showcasing their growth, their brand presence, their supply chain management, their marketing skills and everything that a Top brand retail company should have. It is not that they have shared all their knowledge with us but definitely they have showcased how much work they do internally in a company to make Coke reach us their product in the same manner that we want it.

My respect for Coke just doubled after going to the World ofCoca Cola Tour. I just loved the way they organized the whole tour. It was definitely commercialized, very entertaining for an aam aadmi.

I love the way how they build the story for relieving the secret formula for making coke and in the end reviling that it was “YOU” which was expected but still the build counts. I liked the way they decorated the walls with their ad campaigns across the world from the beginning of coke time.

The best part of the tour is at the end of it you get to taste the 60+ flavors of cola which is being sold across the world.


Even before 2012 arrives I know it will be one of my best years and you bet it was. I just love the number "twenty twelve" especially the number twelve (I have my own reasons)

Year after year I feel more satisfied and content with my life.At the beginning of every year when I sit back and rewind the year which just past I feel more happy that I tried new stuffs.There are many new experiences many good few bad, new activities every now and then. There are always some things new which i have not tried till then and tried it in the past year. I am very happy that the Kid in me gets excited to try new stuff when ever there is an opportunity, even if there is none it tries to create one. Especially the year 2012 had a lot to offer me.I wish every one have a year like I had in 2012. 
No responsibilities what so ever (you might say Kids have it but still they need to study). 
Sufficient money (money is never a lot, isn't? ). 
Lot of time (get a working company like i got :) ). 
A place where no one knows you (you can do what ever you want not thinking about getting embarrassed or you just don't care what they think). 
Finding new contacts in a new place to explore new things.
and the rest is still up to you to decide what you want to do with it.

Few glimpses of 2012

Got a new Bike, already felt like a celebrity in my own way. To some level I can say that this bike changed my personality. This Bike opened up many for me.  

Tried new sports Archery, Tennis, horse riding

Took photography little more seriously, actually it took me seriously got a coupe of recognition, participated in photography gallery and displayed couple of my pics. 

Got my first temporary tattoo

Went to a racing circuit. This is what i meant when i said My Bike opened many avenues for me.

Went to Oktoberfest for the first ttime. Music mUsic muSic musIc musiC all the way

holidayed  Goa twice, Mumbai twice, Bidar, N number of home trips, first family trip outside India - foreign location - Srilanka (still it counts, with out passport you cannot go) and to top it all spend the last few days of the year in Amerika doing all my crazy. leave you with a final Boobesh touch. 

Happy New Year 

Dear Malala

Just like any other holiday day I started mine with FB, listening to songs, switching TV channels trying to watch all the special programs. After FB, I moved on to youtube and then to blogs like any other day. One of the blog introduced me to Dear Malala. After going thru the post I started googling about her. First thing I noticed she is from Pakistan (can’t help it) and she is just 14 years old. I am twice her age and I can't even imagine the life she has gone thru. The same moment I browse FB and swap TV channels sitting in my bed, she is fighting for her life in the hospital bed after being gun shot by Taliban.
                Malala Yousafzai, is a 14 year old girl from Pakistan, a school student, an activist who raises her voice for education and women's rights. She has also been nominated for the International Children's Peace Prize and has won Pakistan's first National Youth Peace Prize. For rest of the facts about her feel free to google. I am here to write my opinion on this beautiful God given soul of hers.
                I salute her for the courage, for the standing she took on what she believes, for the understanding she has on politics and what leaders should be made of, for the level of thoughts she as on what is important for her community and the people around her. More than anything just for standing up against all odds, knowing she will be targeted by militants if she voices her opinion. It makes me envy and humble at the same time thinking about her.
For a domesticated person like me, I can't imagine a life where shooting and bomb blast are a daily part of life. Where one sees human body lying on the road shattered just like a dog being run over by a vehicle on the highway. And here in this era, she is going thru all this on a daily routine and still has the courage to come out and ask for school education not only for her but for the whole world.
At this moment when she is fighting for her life, I promise to my strengths that when I see a child not having education and if he/she is interested then I will make sure the child gets education. I hope all the world leaders take a stand on this issue and make education a mandatory.
Lastly on this auspicious week of Dussehra there is no point in burning effigy of Raavanan anymore instead we should start burning a terrorist or a rapist.

P.S: Couple of Video links about Dear Malala Yousafzai and the life in Swat Valley.
        Look at her Interview in the 2nd video, wish her speedy recovery. mashahallah!

Today I read newspaper in detail after a long time. It puts me to shame. I am scared to see what kind of society / environment we live in. There are lots of problems in Assam. Muslim refuges from Bangladesh are killed in masses. A young 20 year old college girl being raped by 5 adults.  A mother kills her own 2 year old son to live with her lover. A wife came to know that her husband as jus transmitted Syphilis (sexually transmitted diseases) on their first night as a wedding gift. Apart from feeling sorry and sad for a couple of seconds I can’t do much for all this. Even though the world outside is in the shade of dark grey, my life and people around me are shinning in brightest green color. I am living at my will as always. A cousin of mine is getting is first month salary. A friend is getting married enjoying his early honeymoon days and his nearly ending bachelor life, another friend as jus become a new Daddy. My parents are all excited about their first son marriage. Feels great to see so much happiness around me J God bless 

those one of random mundane nights

Why this poor human soul always wants somebody to take care of him/her, someone who thinks about him/her, someone who shows their importance, make him/her feel that they exists in this world and very much exists in their world.
We all have our parents and other blood relations who we know they care for us, they think about our good will and all that blah blah blah but still we think or wonder who that one person who will think/ care for us. 

Or on the contrary as my friend says do we need to constrain our-self to these small thoughts? Isn't our existence in this world is for much larger cause?


Moon Moon Moon
Moon is so beautiful.
Moon as always surprised me with amazing surprises.
Even though we experience 1000’s of days under the sun.
It is those few moon moments which stays in our mind for a long time.
Somehow i get a feeling that we turn into a different person when the moon is around.
Those simple pleasures just by staring at the moon, a ride. Ecstasy!
Life is so peaceful and beautiful under the moon.
Love the moon.

We or Me

We both immerse ourselves in the background so that we become invisible to each other.
We both stayed away just enough so that the other one misses but not get used to it.
We both roll our eyes searching for each other while strolling across.
We both enjoyed the common conversations we had, even though we didn't have anything in common.
We both don't want to make it look obvious, just causal.

Did we both or is it just me?